Tracey G. McKenzie

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Since May 2008



About Me

I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years.  Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with people at all levels of their wellness journey!  Zumba and personal training fill my schedule currently and I couldn't ask for a more perfect job! Wellness is a way of life and passion for me!!!
 What I enjoy hearing the most from my class participants is how much fun they had taking the class, how they forgot how old they were and how much they love to see so many people of all shapes, sizes, and ages all enjoying themselves in one place. The best part for me is all the smiles and happiness that fills the room during each class. The other amazing part is watching everyone's confidence level growing with each step! Zumba is such a blessing because you have so much fun you forget you are exercising! Come out and try the class, no coordination or dance skills necessary, just the desire to have fun and get a great workout!!! Please contact me if you have any questions about class or if you are in need of an instructor.  We all hope to see you in class soon!!!!


  • Zumba BasicZumba Basic
    License to teach regular Zumba® classes.
  • E-Learning CoreE-Learning Core
    The Zumba® Core training capsule is an e-learning experience for ZIN™ Members who want to offer more powerful core moves and routines in their Zumba classes.

Licensed To Teach

  • Zumba BasicZumba Basic
    License to teach regular Zumba® classes.